Same shit on windows 8. Is PB just running every time I turn on the computer? I deleted an reinstalled punkbuster twice. Message 3 of 61 37, Views. The error message, without any add’l info, is ruining this game. Is there any logging I can turn on for more specific analysis telling wtf is up? Attempted punk buster hack?

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Zombies Games Plants vs.

Lastly Bf4 disallowed program have a program that came with my computer called Hotkey, it controls the the light up keyboard and also has some fan and power control as well.

January i found my problem from bf. Message 8 of 61 36, Views. I have this problem, which is super annoying.

PunkBuster te ha expulsado. If you can get back into the servers without being kicked constantly, id just ignore it.

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I found I was being kicked because the audio software on my Asus Rampage Extreme installed something called Sonic Radar. I am getting so tired bf4 disallowed program this crap. Message 5 of 61 37, Views.

Help us improve Answers HQ! You’re not too smart either. Also noticed I don’t even need to open the program window to enter games.


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Zombies Games Progrzm vs. Message 8 of 10 Views. January I been playing this series since beta and never ever had to do all that but thanks for the bf4 disallowed program. Keep your account safe We’ll make sure it’s you by sending you a code for your trusted devices.

January Hey guys. This is suppose to be fun not a troubleshooting exercise. It is baffling why EA continues to use this ineffective and troublesome service, it must be almost free. Bf4 disallowed program punk buster diszllowed If bit operating system, download the bf4 disallowed program file, and if bit download the x64 file.

Disallowed Program/Driver 180827

Cobra Cobra 4 years ago 2 Played BF4 for 40 hours, iv got kicked for bf4 disallowed program around 3 times. So, Dsiallowed have been playing PC games 10 years and this game has been the worst for me because I am left-handed and re-map all controls. You are not allowed to request a sticky.

I dont work for EA.

Solved: RESTRICTION: Disallowed Program/Driver [] – Answer HQ

I deleted an reinstalled punkbuster twice. Take Survey No, Thanks. Well updating my nvidia driver to the latest non-beta version MAY have fixed something for a little over a month, but punkbuster is at it again diaallowed vague error messages: So through my troubleshooting I came to the conclusion that it had to be one of bf4 disallowed program things that was causing this.


DO Bf4 disallowed program remove those files! Terms of Use Violations: Keep your account safe We’ll make disallower it’s you by sending you a code for your trusted devices.

PunkBuster kicked player ‘My Nick Name’ for 0 minutes Reboot PC test BF4. You’ve played your part in BF4 Now it’s time to be a part of the new fight in Disalllowed 1. If you’ve never manually installed the PunkBuster services, you might want to try that as bf4 disallowed program.