If you would like to turn the status monitor on, go to the Advanced tab, select Device options and then select Status monitor. I’ve used HP’s in the past, but only their larger, professional printers: Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Dec 21, Posts: If you check the Binding Offset option, you can also specify the offset for binding in inches or millimeters.

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This reports the printer status any errors that may happen with the printer when printing. Upgrading to a more reliable router was the permanent fix. You can put a watermarked logo or text into your documents. Nevyn Ars Praefectus Registered: I haven’t had a problem with PostScript files – Preview can open the ones I have.

Its the feature set beyond that which is troublesome when model specific drivers no longer work in an updated OS. Administrators have the authority to limit the Number of copies, Scaling setting and Watermark setting functions. I print from everything from Word to Indesign and even sometimes print in Black and white from Lightroom and it works perfectly.


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There are six types of manual duplex binding directions available for each orientation. Enter the password into this box. I’d highly recommend it.

When you specify the Pages per sheet, you can also specify the direction of the layout. Jul 26, Posts: Set the Pages per SheetLayout direction and Border. Never installed a driver, it just worked.

This is great advice. Printer Halftone, System Halftone, Improve gray printing.

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You can choose whether the printer reports problem by printing error page or not. The default time-out is 5 minutes. Dec 21, Posts: You can also change settings by clicking the illustration on the left side of the Basic tab in the Properties dialog box.

I’m in the market for a home office laser printer, something to take pressure off my inkjet. Specifies the format of the date. I had a Brothher previously that worked well, but Lexmark abandons driver support obnoxiously quickly, so no more Lexmarks for me. Tue Jan 26, 4: I always used to select laser printers with some level of Postscript or Postscript emulation since that generally worked “better” with Macs, at least in the old days.


You can change the following printer settings when you print from your computer. The other observation is that the W tend to be a current hog when it first comes out brlther sleep.

LP for Mac: Postscript still preferable? (re: Brother HL-2170W)

Using this function allows you to do the following. You can set the Paper sizeOrientation and Scale.

Change the tab settings by clicking the following icons: Wed Jan 27, About the errors, Error message printout. The page protection feature allows brotner printer to create the full page image to be printed in memory before physically moving the paper through the printer.

The initial surge of it waking up causes both of my UPS boxes to click and chirp.