Close the all windows including the frame window and exit. Zoom in on any area of the paper. When the storing mode is set off but the buffering mode is on, a bitmap used as an internal buffer is printed with a suitable scaling. Set up the printer. So there is no plan to port this to other platforms. Include folder File name Contents GrWin. You can, though high level routines such as for graphs with hidden lines and for contour diagrams are not implemented yet in this release, do those high level graphics by installing PGPLOT with interactive drivers written using the GrWin Library.

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Popup a message box and pause the application associated with the active client window until a button clicked. Preview a printing image.

In this case you should do additional installation procedures such as moving or copying files into suitable folders, etc. Close the all windows including the frame window and exit.

Show Supported Printers

Usually the landscape mode is selected from here. Typical command lines are as follows: So there is no plan to port this to other platforms. GrWin Graphics Library Version 0. With [Library Manual] the User’s Manual for the Library opens provided a web browser is associated with ‘.


File name Contents GrWinTkb. From the menu bar of each frame window you can do closing, erasing and printing using a printer, etc. The aspect ratio is preserved on the display. Metafiles can be readily embedded in documents without loss of quality if you are using MS-Word or one of many other applications that vl metafiles.


Currently supported compiler systems are as follows: On printing, the unit in the LDCS is mapped to 1 pixel on the printer if the MaxDPI value is greater than the value for the printer, otherwise a suitable scaling is made.

If you want to know what an installer is doing in the installation process, consult the source file lGrWnbe-XXX. See for further details the descriptions for the submenu items for [Mode] below. The unit of the LDCS matchs 1 pixel on the display. To make a console application 600driver from source code, the following option should be added in linking using gcc or g77 on MinGW Popup a color dialog to set the current foreground color associated with the active window.

The paper size can be specified in opening the window and is kept fixed usually.

If you select more than one system executing the all-in-one installer lGrWnbe. Usually, the drawing area in the LDCS the paper is larger than the current view size of the client window, and the view can be scrolled by the horizontal and the vertical scroll bar to see everywhere on the paper. In each of the archives in the above table all files necessary to build executables under a corresponding environment are also included as well.

Import a DIB image on the clipboard into an internal array for bitmaps with the bitmap number 0, and the imported DIB image is shown on a dialog box when the inquiring mode is ON.


The installation of GrWin is quite easy if you use one of the installer packages and can be finished by answering to some dialogs appearing in the installation process.

The world coordinate system WCS is the user’s coordinate system defined by calling GWINDOW to give the coordinates of the bottom-left and the top-right corners of the view port in 600-drivver coordinate system. See the corresponding descriptions below 600-drjver further information. When running an executable of your application created with the GrWin Library of a version different from that of grwnd.

Save the data displayed on the active client window to a file with the name specified by a file dialog. This version This is a beta release of the project of the GrWin Library. Toggle setting the storing mode.

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Important features of grwnd. The bounding rectangle for all drawn objects is fit onto the current view of the client window.

When selected this mode, the crosshairs cursor appears and you can drag move mouse with the left mouse button down it to select any area bounded with a rubber band. Popup a color dialog to set the current background color associated with the active window.