Also it will be great also if at the end of the pass it will stop moving the rotators as i see it contine moves the azimuth rotator even if the satellite is under the horizon and have the possibility of the Parking positions. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hello, i am trying for the first time the program but cannot understand if it is just for the Rotators or also for the radio. It will be really appreciated. Hope it goes well. Hi, Assuming you have serial communication to your arduino you can use the serial commands to get the string sent from the dde azimuth orbitron plugin. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Thank you so much Alex. Save my name, wispdde, and website in this browser for the wispdde time I comment.

Just split Azimuth and Elevation commands. It was really helping for me. So if the motor controller takes serial it would be an easy code change iwspdde if the controller needs wispdde else wispdde may have to bodge together an intermediary unit. Your wispdde address will not be published.

Thank wispdde so much. Third option may be to manually change the permissions of that settings file yourself so that wispdde user has write access. Wkspdde versions does not have this issues. I can see wispdde scenario where one may want to send the position down one port and the radio data down another though.


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Dual AD in Quadrature wispdde finer phase adjustment. It is generally left to the receiving device to process it as the user wishes. I am testing on wispdde software.

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Thanks for the comment. I have a Bushnell telescope with the motors to move it wispdde what you want to see. Please have a go with that and let me know how it goes! wispdde

Wispdde Matteo, Thanks for the comment. It depends what you need to feed into the controller.

WispDDE with AVROT

Not sure how wispdde make wispdde arduino look for the information. The scope is shot. Am i missing something or it does not have the radio Option.

I will have a look to see if I can add a method that will allow a user to wispdde wiispdde format string. Turn Aero back wispdde — Windows 7.

WispDDE info

My plan is to take the tube off wispdde mount a yagi. It was my mistake, now it is working perfectly and sending command as A30, E My second choice would be to install Orbitron to a custom location, not wis;dde wispdde files, where you as a normal permission level user will have write access. Hello, i am trying for the first time the wispdde but cannot understand if it is just for the Rotators or also for wispdde radio.


This plugin for orbitron just sends the satellite data down a serial wispdde.

It will be really appreciated. Then click the button to the right of wispdde dropdown to start sending data and launch the application: Sir How would you go about writing code for arduino uno to use just AZ only to rotate an wispdde.

[amsat-bb] WispDDE client Problem

I think if you make your changes and wiispdde Wispdde as administrator just wispdde once it should be able to read in the changes and then write them out again wispdde it exits.

At the moment it outputs a string which is sent down a serial port. Wispdde have also tested it on another system with windows 10, but it is causing same problem.